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Newport Beach Dental Group Can Help Bring Back the Confidence to Smile

Dental care forms an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to have those beautiful smiles. Newport Beach Dental Group offers a range of services to suit your dental care needs, but most importantly, we give you back your confidence. Based in the Newport Dental Center, we are conveniently located to assist in your every dental need. We rely on a trained staff complement, the use of the best equipment and the administering of only the highest quality medication to achieve unprecedented results.

We Offer Dental Experience and Commitment

We have been in business for the last ten years, bringing back smiles and committing to restoring hope for those who seem to feel hopeless. Experience is not enough, a sound knowledge of the industry is required, and therefore we are dedicated to increasing our knowledge. Attending additional training, signing up for the latest courses and ensuring that conferences are attended ensure that we are not left in the dark where new developments are concerned.

Ensuring Comfort and Professionalism

Dentists in Newport Beach are not exempt from the fear of the public, and we wish to set our patients at ease by always ensuring that they are at their maximum comfort level. Some of the procedures may be taxing on our patients, however, we undertake to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. Whilst comfort is important to us, it is also important for us to remain professional at all times. Our patients are assured of proper consultations and that these consultations are done to suit the needs the patient. We endeavor to provide a service to you that is unlike any you have experienced before.

A Happy Patient Is a Smiling Patient

We have managed to build up a size able portfolio of patients, thanks to patients entrusting us with their families and referrals. Optimal client service is an integral part of gaining trust with our clients, and building relationships form a solid foundation of our practice. We understand the importance of every patient and that every patient is an individual with needs. These needs are addressed holistically as no two patients are alike. Our job is only dome once there is a smile on our patient’s faces.

Dental Services We Provide

Pediatric Dentist

Apart from offering basic dentistry, our pediatric Newport Beach dentist does a full evaluation of possible diseases and habitual behaviors. Specializing in dentistry specifically for infants up to teenagers, pediatric dentists have a keen eye for dental diseases common among children, like caries. Habitual behaviors like thumb sucking and the use of a pacifier are also things they are able to assist with. Special needs children can also have their dental addressed with a pediatric dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Not only popular with bride and grooms, teeth whitening has become very popular in the last couple of years. This is mainly attributed to the continuous drinking of coffee and with the incredible varieties available on every street corner it seems, teeth whitening will continue to be a service those who value stunning smiles will need. Teeth whitening is not only popular for the obvious reason of having whiter teeth, it is also known to brighten up the complexion.


Having an on-site orthodontist is a very special service we provide, as often patients are referred off-premises to consult with an orthodontist. By having one on site, Newport Beach Dental Group can truly offer a single excursion for a full-house consultation. An orthodontist is a crucial part of our team, as smiles are often marred by irregular bites. Corrective measures may include braces, surgeries or other Dent facial orthopedics.

Emergency Dentist

Dentists in Newport Beach cannot afford not to have an emergency service. Newport Beach is known to enjoy the good side of life, with many sporting events taking place at any given moment over a weekend. Good times and great dining are also key aspects of life in Newport Beach, which unfortunately also opens up the risk of having an accident. Dental accidents do not only cause a lot of pain, but lack of treatment can cause infections and maimed smiles.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is becoming more prevalent with each passing day. As responsible dentists, we are first in line to discover whether our patients suffer from this potentially life-threatening disorder. With the confirmed diagnosis by a sleep medicine specialist, we are able to continue with the various stages of treatment, depending on the level required. This will undoubtedly be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, however, the long-term benefits are astonishing.