Pediatric Dentist

Bring Your Kids in for a Check Up From Our Pediatric Dentist at Newport Beach Dental Group

Dental hygiene for kids is an integral part of the health of children. At about the age of six months, a child’s first tooth will appear. As soon as this happens, the parents need to consider the dental hygiene of their baby.

It is advised that parents need to regularly schedule a dental checkup for their children every six months from the time they are one year old. Six years later, children start losing their first set of teeth to be replaced by another set of permanent teeth. With proper dental hygiene developed from the onset, the children will grow up to have a healthy set of teeth.

About Our Newport Beach Pediatric Dentists

Dental services for children are offered by pediatric dentists. These are a highly specialized group of dentists keen to ensure that the oral health of children from infancy to their teen years is observed.

They have received extensive and intensive training and schooling in pediatric dentistry for them to offer their services professionally and to high standards expected of medical professionals. This training is held in dental school for four years and an additional two years of residency in hospitals.

Therefore, when you come to our clinics, expect that your child will receive professional treatment from an experienced team of kids’ dentist who have honed their skills and have gained mastery in treating children and teens’ dental problems.

Pediatric Dentist Services

  • At our clinics, we offer the following services to infants, kids and teenagers:
  • Oral examinations which help detect and prevent for tooth decay.
  • Orthodontics- which includes straightening and repairing an improper bite in kids.
  • Care for toothache and tooth injuries for example fractured or knocked out teeth.
  • Repair of tooth cavities and defects.
  • We diagnose dental and oral conditions that are associated with other diseases such as diabetes.
  • We also offer proper professional advice to parents regarding dental care which includes nutrition and diet, cleaning of teeth and mouth, and other habits such as thumb sucking.
  • Specialty consultation for pediatric dentistry

Why Choose our Dentistry Office?

We are highly trained professionals with a diverse experience in pediatric dentistry. Our team of staff has experienced and handles successfully different types of dental issues over our time of practice.

In addition, we have superior facilities that are designed with your child in mind. These facilities ensure that we are able to test, diagnose correctly and treat effectively all dental issues that your children may be going through.

Our extensive training and experience allows us to calm your nervous and scared child before treatment, making every visit to the dentist a positive experience. We are able to treat your child in ways that make them comfortable and happy.

Also we collaborate easily with other specialists should your child need any special treatment such as neurosurgery or speech therapy.

We are affordable and are participate in many insurance plans in which your child could be covered.

Any time you come to us, you will receive professional care and advice on how to take care of your child’s teeth, gums and mouth.