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                CN  |  EN
                      Established in 1998 and registered in 2002 with a total sum of RMB32, 000,000, SHAANXI FEELING DECORATIVE DESIGN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. grows to be a Class-A enterprise in building decorative design and construction and professional curtain wall project authorized by the Ministry of Construction. It is also the member of China National Interior Decoration Association and Shaanxi Decoration Association. The Company boasts of approx. 80 architectural decoration designers, curtain wall designers, engineers, economists, accountants, Class 1 construction engineer, registered cost engineers, intermediate engineers, senior engineers as well as other professional technicians; and our professional construction team consists of more than 300 employees.......[View More]


                Research and development of art, innovation of design, ceaseless pursuit of excellence determines our consistent working attitude

                Outward Bound Training in Rosefinch National Forest Park

                In order to enhance teams cohesion of employees and stimulate their working enthusiasm, we come to Rosefinch N......【DETAILS】
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